Made in Belgium since 1992

A passion for chocolate. Surprising chocolates. The love of liquor. West Flemish roots. Chocolaterie Carré. Totally chic!

It all started with a dream.

Dirk Naert and Mieke Vandenberghe followed their passion and founded Chocolaterie Carré. They opted for a niche product: authentic liqueur chocolates. Some people frowned: "Why so difficult? And so old-fashioned!

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West Flemish roots

All our chocolates are proudly made in Belgium.

the craft of the heart and soul

Traditional recipes are cherished

The passion for chocolate. The love of liquor

Specialized in artisanal liqueur chocolates with a sugar crust.

Over 29 years of experience

Every day we make the most of it


Developed with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade