Our history

How it started...

During his training, master chocolatier Dirk Naert noticed that even the best chocolatiers did not dare to make chocolates with a liquid filling. He threw himself into this adventure. In 1992, Dirk blew the dust off a traditional recipe for liqueur chocolates. For a year, he worked hard to perfect the production process. With a process considered too laborious by many colleagues, Chocolaterie Carré developed a line of pralines with liquid content. Thanks to its sense of experimentation and innovation, the company has developed an internationally recognized palette of flavors. From classic liqueur chocolates to fresh cocktail flavored chocolates.

Did you know that the first liqueur chocolates were still hand-wrapped in aluminum foil by grandfather and grandmother

Experimentation and innovation

Innovation is in Chocolaterie Carré's DNA, as evidenced by the Banyuls wine praline, a product in high demand in Japan. A country that holds tradition in such high esteem, greatly appreciates the combination of expertise and innovation. Chocolaterie Carré now also distributes its unique chocolates in China, Denmark, Iceland, America, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands .....

Life's work: crafting with heart and soul

La Chocolaterie Carré is not only a story of craftsmanship and tradition. It is also the life work of master chocolatier Dirk Naert and his wife Mieke Vandenberghe. Mieke, with her sophisticated eye for aesthetics and quality, has been responsible for the successful expansion of Chocolaterie Carré. Together, Dirk and Mieke have made Chocolaterie Carré a reliable supplier of high quality products in excellent packaging, with their flagship brand ChocOBeer: a praline with a liquid beer filling.

Chocolaterie Carré's chocolates are distributed to trade colleagues who want to expand their range with a unique product and to global distributors who work with the respect for authenticity that the product deserves.